C2E2 2012

This past weekend, Dan and I attended C2E2, the annual Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.


Dan was offered a spot in the Ink Fusion Tattoo Festival at C2E2, and of course, he accepted. Because of this, our trip was more of a workation than a vacation, but we still had a great time.

Chicago, Part 1

Thursday morning, we got up early, drove to the airport, couldn’t find parking, rode the AirTrain, argued with United’s ticket agents, waited for our flight, boarded, and landed in Chicago about a half an hour ahead of schedule. We checked into our hotel, then took a cab to the convention center so we could start setting up our booth.

Chicago, Part 2

Friday was the first actual day of the convention, and we got there early to finish setting up before the show opened to the public. We felt very privileged to have access to a nearly empty convention hall.

Empty Convention Hall

But it wasn’t empty for long.

Soon, the doors opened and the place was swarming with every kind of nerd or geek you can imagine. Over the course of the weekend, we saw Jedis and monsters, storm troopers and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Marvel heroes and DC villains, henchmen and ghostbusters. We were continuously impressed with all the costumes, and kept stopping people for pictures when they walked past our booth.


I even got to meet R2D2, and “run” through the Death Star.

Star Wars at C2E2

I watched a couple of games of Quidditch,


paid Katie Cook $5 to paint me a custom mini-portrait of my dogs,

Katie Cook Painting

and even met Noah Hathaway, who played Atreyu in The Neverending Story.

Noah Hathaway

While every part of our trip was awesome in it’s own way, the highlight for me was meeting Jhonen Vasquez and attending his panel. I’ve never been a big fan of graphic novels, but I absolutely love JTHM and Squee. If you’re into comics and dark humor, I recommend you check them out.

Meeting Jhonen Vasquez

Another highlight of the trip was getting to meet and spend several days with some of the nicest and most talented tattoo artists I’ve ever met. The Ink Fusion crew was amazing, and immediately welcomed us newcomers into their group. We had a great time hanging out with them at the convention, and going out to dinner with them every night. A seriously huge shoutout to Mike Bianco, Scott Blair, Josh Bodwell, Marc Draven, Drewski Elish, Chris 51, Jessica Fronk L’Heureux, Christian Hansler, Billy Haughton, Carl Huggins, Blake Karchner, Asa Larson, Jay Leigh, Jakub Nadrowski, Shannon Ritchie, Brian Stringer, Eric Vie, and Jerry Watelski.

Fogo de Chao

Dan and I both feel very blessed and fortunate to be able to attend events like this. I’m so proud of my husband for working as hard as he does, and have really enjoyed seeing his career take off. We’re hoping to be back at C2E2 next year, and hopefully attend a few other conventions before then.


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