Around the House

Our house truly is part of our family. It was built by my father-in-law in the mid-1980s, and was passed on from my in-laws to my husband and I in the summer of 2011. It’s now our goal to turn this old house into a modern home for our future children to enjoy.

Throughout the renovation process, I hope to include project details and photos on the blog. I’ll keep this page updated with our master to-do list, so that we can keep track of what we still need to do, and so that you can keep an eye on our progress and motivate us when we slack off.

Clicking on any linked item below will bring you to the blog post about that project.



  • Fix steps leading up to front porch
  • Fix rock wall
  • Put decking on back porches
  • Turn back porch into sunroom
  • Fix roof
  • Replace skylight window(s)
  • Build deck on side of house
  • Fix driveway with Item 4
  • Build stairs leading up to back porch from the driveway
  • Cap the chimney
  • Set up a mini recycling center
  • Build garbage shed
  • Set up a dog run
  • Clear yard

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Extra Bedroom 1

  • Re-seal attic entrance
  • Patch holes in wall
  • Repaint
  • Replace carpet
  • Replace window screen

Extra Bedroom 2

  • Replace carpet
  • Paint walls


  • Combine two sets of kitchenware
  • Replace upper cabinet doors
  • Replace lower cabinets
  • Buy new refrigerator
  • Replace countertops
  • Remove dishwasher
  • Sand and refinish hard wood floors
  • Reupholster built-in bench
  • Buy matching chairs for dining room
  • Paint walls

Living Room

1st Floor Bathroom

  • Paint
  • Replace toilet

In-Laws’ Bedroom

Basement Bathroom

  • Replace missing ceiling tile

Basement Kitchenette

  • Buy microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, range-top stove
  • Build counter space using granite slab

Laundry Room

  • New tile floor