An Open Letter to HGTV

Dear HGTV,

I love your show Design Star. What I do not love is this:

Why must you feature each week’s losing contestant on the show’s homepage? The only reason I ever visit your website is to watch Design Star, and each time I log on to watch a new episode, my excitement is immediately¬†diminished upon seeing the homepage, where spoilers abound.

Please rethink your website design, and stop showing me who loses before I even get a chance to see the show.

Your fan,

Happy Fourth of July weekend! I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful weather and spending time with family and friends.

Today marked the beginning of my four-day weekend, so I spent a large part of the afternoon working on a fun little project I thought I’d share with you all.

My friend Takashi is a tattoo artist who specializes in the traditional Japanese style of tattooing called tebori. He’s getting ready to go to a tattoo convention in a few weeks, and needed a portfolio website to showcase some of his work. Together, we decided on a simple black, white and grey theme and what kind of content he wanted to include. After just a few hours, was born.

It’s a simple, 5-page website, but includes some neat features such as embedded video and slideshows of his work. Feel free to take a few minutes to browse through his site, and let me (or Takashi!) know what you think.